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My name is Aino, and I work psychoanalytically in Borough, London Bridge (London, UK). I am trained in the Lacanian orientation of psychoanalysis.

I work with adults and young people, one to one, at my office in London SE1. I am originally from Finland and have lived, studied and worked in the UK for the last 8 years.

I am a member of the London Society of the New Lacanian School (NLS) and a participant of the Nottingham-Dublin Lacanian Studies Program (UFORCA) since its beginning in 2017. This programme is for practitioners in psychoanalytic formation under the auspices of UFORCA - the Popular University Jacques Lacan.

I hold an MA in Psychoanalysis from Kingston University (London) to which I continue to be affiliated as I am currently finishing my PhD in psychoanalytic studies.

In the field of psychosocial support work, I am a trained autism specialist (NAS) and refugee support case worker (BRC). I particularly welcome autistic individuals, adults and children, to attend autism support sessions, with or without their families.

I am part of the editorial team for the Psychoanalytical Notebooks (LS-NLS) and participate actively in the ongoing international clinical and theoretical work on contemporary psychoanalysis of the Lacanian orientation.

My clinical practice follows the orientation of the New Lacanian School (NLS) under the aegis of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP).

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